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The Goddess Body Quest

Awaken your empowered goddess mindset to easily sculpt your strong, slim, sexy body. Lose cms & kgs easily! Overcome self-sabotage, overwhelm and confusion with graceful confidence, glowing self-love & inspired action.

If you’re ready to punch fear in the face, overcome overwhelm and make this the year you unleash your strong, slim, sexy, self then you need to get your spot in the Goddess Body Quest.

If you know that the change you’re seeking begins in your mind, then you’re already halfway there, now you just need the tools, strategies, quick-result guides, and expert support that will give you the inner and outer transformation that you want.

How awesome would it be to enjoy 8 incredible life-changing weeks with a handful of carefully selected soul sisters all on the same journey as you, all transforming together? To discover and break-through your deepest blocks and self-sabotage with leading weight loss motivation expert Kylie Ryan (moi!), and to have a lifetime of support and encouragement through your own private membership group where you can share your experiences, your challenges and triumphs with your transformation sisters?

Pretty awesome, right?

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Kylie Ryan

Finally break the invisible barrier

This Program Works!

The Goddess Body Quest is the most comprehensive and cutting edge mindset, motivation and personal development program for lasting and holistic weight loss in Australia.

Developed from my 9 years extensive experience in working with my private clients on weight loss mindset, it will systematically educate you and transform all of the psychological factors, beliefs and emotions that are currently sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Using the incredible change tools of meta-coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, & time-line therapy with my own extensive client experience; inspired by the latest research in neuro-plasticity and epi-genetics, this program is systematic, thorough, rigorous, and transformational.

In short, it works.

If you’re overwhelmed with all the things you know you need to do to get slim, and you need to let go of the baggage and invisible barriers that are stopping you from actually doing it, then you need to join me. If you are sick of fighting with yourself and want to sort your head out so you never pass on your “stuff” to your own kids, it’s time now to make the change.

This is what you’ve been looking for. Take the leap and invest in yourself. You have your whole life and your sexy, strong, body to gain.

Kylie Ryan

Ultimately you know it’s about so much more than just being able to wear a bikini or skinny jeans, this is about your health, energy, love, happiness and finally being truly, comfortable in your own skin.  Can you put a price on that?

All the tools you need for massive change

Huge value! Here’s what you get…

  • 8 Modules of Transformation Masterclasses of simple mindset tasks, delivered with quick and easy video training. 1 hour of training per module. 40 individual videos to teach you one key concept to shift your mindset in bite-sized chunks for busy lives. 
  • All Masterclass trainings are available as audio downloads to listen to on the go, or e-book transcriptions to read if you prefer.
  • Live Q&A Module Recordings for each module to answer all your questions. Plus Massive Q&A Archive to listen to other ladies’ breakthrough moments and follow along.
  • 20 inspiring & relaxing custom weight loss hypnosis session mp3’s for your ipod.
  • Self Sabotage & Meta Programs Enlightenment Questionnaire, to discover exactly what your self-sabotage is about.
  • Support & celebration from your Transformation sisters.
  • Lifetime access unbelievable support and sisterhood through a private facebook group forum. This is priceless.
  • 1 year money back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Absolutely no fluff, fillers or time-wasters.
  • All delivered online so you can access anywhere, anytime on your computer, ipad or phone.

Kylie Ryan

Ready to begin your Quest?

Quest 8 Week Transformation Program

Week 1 – Awareness

Uncover how and why you sabotage yourself unconsciously.  Learn how to deep dive into your unconscious awareness and gain a completely new insight into why you do the things you do. Discover your hidden “time pockets” that you can devote to your quest. Gain ultimate clarity about what’s really going on and where you need to focus to leverage your results

What you get:

  • Mindset, Personality & Self-Sabotage Enlightenment Questionnaire.
  • Mindset & Personality Masterclass.
  • Reclaim your Time Masterclass.
  • Masterclass Worksheets.
  • Diary & Questionnaire Q&A Session.

Week 2 – Awakening

Awaken your deepest desire and mission that goes way beyond skinny jeans. Discover why you really yearn to be slim. See, hear, feel, taste and believe in your moment of success. Crystal clear clarity on where you’re headed, incredible inspiration, passion and renewed drive and purpose. Create an unconscious alignment with your goal.

What you get:

  • Deepest Desire Body & Life Masterclass.
  • Deepest Desire Body & Life Live Q&A Session.
  • Cutting edge, proven Goal Setting Templates.
  • Masterclass worksheets.
  • Visualisation mp3’s to listen to daily to set your auto-pilot for success.

Week 3 – Motivation

Leap into your future with crystal clear on your internal intrinsic motivation, your values, and your deepest reasons why you want this. You will face the consequences of failure and make a binding commitment to yourself. Create a deep shift in yourself perception this week as you commit to yourself 100%.

What you get:

  • Values, Reasons & Motivation Masterclass.
  • Values, Reasons & Motivation Live Q&A Session.
  • Face the Consequences Clarity Worksheet.
  • Contract to Self & Public Accountability Challenge.

Week 4 – Liberation

Unshackle the old belief “I’m not worthy”. Discover the critical difference between self worth, and self-confidence. Discover how you can feel that deep belief in your own value as a human being. Deep feeling of release, lightness and ease. Gain joy and peace in yourself.

What you get:

  • Self-confidence & Worth Masterclass.
  • Self-confidence & Worth Live Q&A Session.
  • Unworthy, Undeserving Belief Buster Hypnosis mp3.
  • Tapping Ritual Masterclass.
  • Masterclass Worksheets.

Week 5 – Unleashing

Unleash the emotional baggage of the past. Release the emotional weight that is directly related to your physical weight. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Shame get cleared using the most effective emotional release technique ever created. Drop 20 kgs of emotional weight & gain a profound understanding of what caused your stuck-ness and challenges in the past.

What you get:

  • Emotional Release Masterclass.
  • Emotional Release Live Q&A.
  • Release Sessions for each emotion.
  • Release worksheets.

Week 6 – Integration

Integrate inner conflicts and create harmony, strength and peace in your inner world.  Learn how to hold steady in your world even when those around you are doing different things. Feel at one with your goal. Remove any final blocks or barriers. Learn how to say no successfully, with power and when to do it.

What you get:

  • Inner conflict integration Masterclass.
  • Social Powers & Circle of Influence Masterclass.
  • Social Panorama hypnosis mp3.
  • Masterclass Worksheets.

Week 7 – SuperPowers

This week we uncover your SuperPowers! You have amazing powers and gifts that you will uncover here, to your amazement. Reconnect with the deep wisdom hidden in your body and own your innate powers to create your own reality. Finally learn what works for you. No more “expert” diets that don’t work.

What you get:

  • SuperPowers Masterclass.
  • SuperPowers LIVE Q&A Session.
  • Deep Body Wisdom Masterclass.
  • Body Wisdom Hypnosis Session.
  • Masterclass worksheets.

Week 8 – Empowerment

Create lasting empowerment through easy to use switches and strategies to create motivation and drive at any time. Break down your quest into simple daily habits and rituals that you can schedule into your life and set your weight loss to auto-pilot. No more failure. Gain the skills, resilience and resources to keep you going when the going gets tough.

What you get:

  • Empowerment Video Masterclass.
  • Strategising the Small Steps Video Masterclass.
  • Motivation Switch, Failure Moment Switch.
  • Motivation Strategy Worksheet & Template.
  • Masterclass worksheets

Join the sisterhood

Total Support, Massive Value Guaranteed!

Quest Alumni – Ongoing Support & Training

Through the online sisterhood you will gain an incredible source of ongoing support on your life-long journey of health and slimness. I will also be interviewing other aligned health experts for “video hangouts” so I can share the wealth of health knowledge of my colleagues with my amazing quest alumni. You!

Kylie Ryan


Unbelievable Satisfaction Guarantee

I stand by the incredible value in this program. If you complete it and for any reason at all are unsatisfied with the incredible value I will give you a complete refund. No dramas. (*90 day guarantee & fair-use conditions apply)

Incredible Value

  • over 20 hours of transformation work with me directly.
  • Plus audio sessions you can listen to over & over forever.
  • Over $20,000 coaching if you were to come to me privately to get the same transformation and support.
  • Plus Q&A access through the private FB group ongoing…

Aren’t you sick of diets that fail you?

A Mindset & Personal Development Program

Kylie Ryan

If you’ve tried weight loss program after weight loss program and are frustrated with no results or results that don’t last, maybe you don’t need another weight loss program…

You need a personal development program that teaches you how to change from the inside-out and finally realise your dream body and life.

This program is completely different to everything you’ve tried before. It is not about what you should or shouldn’t eat. It’s not about some training routine to “sculpt your buns” or show you how to get a “six-pack”. This is about systematically and thoroughly investigating where your mindset is sabotaging you and easily and quickly changing those thought patterns using the most effective strategies available.

Amazing Value

Invest in your success

Program Value

This homestudy course includes well over $20,000 of incredible coaching and hypnosis resources that you can keep and use for life, we also offer bundles with 1:1 private coaching with our experienced and professional mindset coaches, and live events with Kylie herself. As such it is not a cheap program, however we are committed to helping you make a change and offer payment plans and different investment options. Apply for a call here and find out how you can get the help to create lasting change. ;

Apply for a Call today to discover the options

Experience you can trust

Who is Kylie Ryan?

Fair question. If you’ve struggled and failed time after time with weight loss programs and diets, then I’d love to help you. I am a mindset specialist. I struggled with 30kgs of excess weight myself over 10 years ago, until I discovered the secret.

The answer is in your mind.

You’ve probably already thought this yourself when you were wondering why nothing you tried worked for you, when it so clearly seems to work for other people. You are not wrong or weak-willed or a failure for not being able to make these programs work. The diet industry and 99% of diets and programs out there are fundamentally flawed. This flaw is what makes you fail.

I am on a mission to share the message of internal transformation that allows you to easily nourish yourself with healthy foods that are right for YOU and make activity a fun part of your happy life. No more boring diets, calorie counting or punishing exercise regimes. Yes you have to eat healthy and exercise to get slim. This is not a magic bullet. But you when you create internal change that you are inspired and passionate about then eating and exercise becomes an afterthought, just one part of your amazing life, not something you obsess over every waking second.

After discovering the secret to my own incredible transformation. I went on a passionate journey of learning  becoming an expert in the most cutting edge change techniques in the world. I have coached hundreds of women to amazing transformations, you can read some of the many stories here.

I have been featured in Madison Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmo Pregnancy and Oxygen and write my very popular blog at

I would love to personally teach you, and guide you through the very best tools and strategies to create lasting inner change. You can have success, you can have the life and body that you want. Yes it does involve some time, effort and investment on your part. But not doing more of what you’ve done already. Compared to the struggle you have been used to this will feel completely different, like finally coming home.

It takes courage, the right mindset and knowing the right steps to create an amazing body and life. That’s why not everyone has it. It’s not instantaneous and it takes work, but I have a proven pathway, and I can guide your change to make it a fun journey of transformation and challenge. It’s not easy but it’s easier than what you have been doing and it’s completely worth it. You’re worth it!

Who Is Kylie Ryan?

It takes courage, the right mindset and knowing what to do to create the lasting inner transformation for an amazing body and life. That’s why not everyone has it. I can guide your change so it becomes a fun journey of exploring, possibilities and challenge. It really does become fun and you’re totally worth it!


Graceful confidence, glowing self-love

Inspired Action

Apply today to join the Goddess Body Quest

Kylie Ryan


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